Tantrums of an almost one year old

​As we get closer to Moonpie’s  1st birthday, I have definitely noticed an increase in temper tantrums. 

Normally her tantrums are due to her being frustrated with not being able to do something, right now it’s with walking. 

She recently mastered pulling herself up and standing but still gets the wobbles when it comes to taking steps. You can see the frustration in her face, she’s always been a very forward child, picking things up quite quickly but this walking business has her stumped.

I try to console or distract Moonpie as much as possible but even that’s losing its effect so lately I’ve started to let her calm herself down or let her  come to me If she need a mummy hug instead. 

The tantrums are going to get worse before they get better.

Toddler days here we come 


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