Dummy weaning problems

When moonpie was a lot smaller she wasn’t fussed to much about having a dummy, I always thought that it would be a snap to get rid of it but as times gone on it’s become a crutch for her 

Ive tried to restrict her having the dummy only at nap times (she has 2 a day) and bedtime, but lately she’s wanted it during the day too if she’s upset or having the dreaded tantrum, I’m pretty sure she’s hiding them from me too.

But I’ve started to notice that it’s affecting her speech development, (more and more her baby babbled are sounding like actual words and sometimes even sentences)  but she hardly communicates vocally with it in, just grunts like a little piglet 

I need to bite the bullet and just let her go cold turkey but it’s hard to think of ways to console her as she’s still so young.
We’ve tried it a few times and the first day she is brilliant but then it gets to day 2 and I cave because she’s screaming the house down at naptime for over an hour.

Definitely need to stop being a soft touch and bin the blasted things once qnd for all


One thought on “Dummy weaning problems

  1. Have you looked at our posts about the dummy. She can do it you just need to be tough which is bloody hard. Sometimes Max still has a dummy during the day and always at Night and I hate it. I have to stop him having it at night soon he’s way to old for a dummy.


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