My Cece lifestyle change

This post admittedly, is more about me than moonpie but its something I wanted to talk about,

At 14 I was diagnosed with PCOS and it was finally confirmed via an ultrasound at 23. For those who don’t know what PCOS is, the full term is Polycystic ovarian syndrome and it affects how your ovaries work. 

There are a number of symptoms you can get with PCOS, weightgain and the difficulty to lose weight is one of the them and unfortunately I suffer with those symptoms along with a few others.

Because of this I developed a rather unhealthy relationship with food and became caught in a visious circle, going through long periods of starving myself to then switching to the other extreme of gorging to the point of being sick and of course any weight I had lost just piled back on and then some.

Both were obviously extremely unhealthy for me. 

The first two pictures above show me at my worst.
the first even though I don’t look awful bodywise… i did make myself very ill and my family and friends made lots of comments “no more now meg, you’re fine how you are,” ” have you eaten today,  I haven’t seen you eat” “you’ve hardly touched your dinner again”… it got so bad that at one point I was weighing myself more than three times a day because I was terrified I was going to put on weight.
The second picture it’s pretty obvious I had gone completely the other way… I put on a whacking 9 stone in a short space of time I was so unhappy and low the only things that cheered me up was food and then I just couldn’t stop…
the beginning of this year I dropped alot of weight again from being ill after my daughter was born, I could feel myself going back into the old habits and was starting to skip meals… but one night something just twigged, I didn’t want to be stuck in that rut anymore and I didn’t want my daughter growing up thinking this was normal.
So that’s when I decided to finally take control and joined the Cece project after seeing testimonials from other people with PCOS to lose the leftover excess weight but this time healthly.
So far I’ve lost a stone and a half and gone down two dress sizes from being on their shakes, boosters and healthy meal plans and I feel fantastic.

There are still the odd days where just the thought of food makes me feel physically ill and then there’s the odd days where I just want to keep eating until I feel better but I don’t give in to those thoughts anymore.


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