Pre baby life vs post baby life

It’s safe to say my life has dramatically changed since the arrival of Moonpie and I have to say it’s changed mostly for the better.

Before I got pregnant, life was full of ups and downs and ridiculously dramatic, I had recently come out of a bad marriage and surrounded myself with alot of people that weren’t good for me and didn’t have my best interests at heart.

I turned from being a quite quiet person in public, into a loud mouthed,badly behaved and 9 times out of ten very drunk misfit. alot of it was down to me not dealing with anything, I’d become completely irresponsible and everyone else was to blame, i was definitely on the path to utter self destruction….

Fast forward to the present day and myself and my life are almost unrecognisable ! !

I’m now a fully committed full time mum to my little girl, we spend our days indoors playing, going on play dates with her cousins or we are at her grandparents house spending time with her daddy’s family who have made me feel very much welcomed.

My group of friends has been cut dramatically to just a handleful people, most have been my friends for 5+ years and one has been my best friend for a whopping 22 years. All of them are so supportive and simply adore Moonpie (but to be honest I’ve never met a person who didn’t fall in love instantly with this child.)

I still go out but instead of every weekend it’s now only once every few weeks and instead of just going out to the local to get ‘wasted,’ I go out to see and catch up with friends or theres the very occasion me and the other half (luna’s daddy) will go and do something as a couple.

There are a few things I miss like being able to spontaneously go out with friends, now everything has to be planned in advanced, babysitters found ect and even then plans can fall through. I also miss having the time to do the things I love, like my artwork … instead of being able to spend an entire day painting, I now try to squeeze it into the evenings after moonpie’s in bed but I’m normally too knackered.

Life is definitely more quiet and less chaotic but I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.


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