Being in a Relationship and being a mum

It’s safe to say me and other half did everything very muddled – we met, started kinda seeing each other and then i fell pregnant and that was the end of that or so I thought. 

I decided to keep the baby and gave him the option to be involed or walk away, he decided he wanted to be apart of Moonpie life.

Throughout my pregnancy things were very strained between us due to a number of things but after moonpie was born we started getting on more and started to get close

when moonpie was about 3 months old before we started seeing each other again. 

We co-parent pretty well and have some great family time with our little one – always lots of fun and laughs

Our relationship is no picnic, we have more stresses and responsibilities then most who are at the same stage in their relationship as us, my other half works unsociable hours, we don’t live together and  I look after Moonpie of course so it’s very rare that we get to go out together and do things as a couple, most of the time we make do with watching a film at mine once he’s finished work and lunas in bed, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it works for us.

We have our arguments like most and have had a few hairy moments (neither of us are easy people to deal with) , but at the end of the day we are happy and we both work at it because we want to be together.


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