A quiet week in  

We’ve had a quiet week indoors this week, apart from the odd trip to the shops and I have to say it’s been lovely, normally I’m someone who can’t stay in more than two days but lately moonpie has started to actually play with toys and generally is more interactive so it’s been nice to sit down with her and have playtime instead of getting quite bored and feeling the need to escape the flat.

One of her favourite part of playtime is when we get out the blocks, for an hour on Thursday night she was so engrossed in tearing down the towers I was building and then waiting quite nicely for me to rebuild the tower (unless I take too long.)  the other; much to my dismay, is emptying the entire context of her two large toy boxes over the floor and sitting inside them. 

The ball pit however is the all time favourite ….

Storytime also plays a big part in this home, reading is a big passion of mine and it’s something I definitely want to pass on.

 it seems like she generally enjoys me reading to her, theres alot of smiles and laughing going on and she loves to turn the pages and look at the pictures 

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into arts and crafts when she’s older but the mess that comes with it …. not so much 


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