From baby to toddler – the first year review

It’s almost upon us….next Tuesday Moonpie turns one, it’s ridiculously scary how fast this first year has gone..It’s quite surreal to think that this time last year I was heavily pregnant and desperate to finally meet my baby (she was two weeks late the little madam.) 

Before she arrived I did think alot about what she was going to be like and I was quite nervous of what kind of temperament my little one would have.

She was an absolute dream when she was first born, don’t get me wrong we had our moments where I didnt think I was cut out to be a mum, like the first night back home. But generally moonpie was quiet, even when she cried it was a quiet one, slept reasonablely well and had a healthy appetite.

As the months have gone by she has developed a very cheeky character, she is very sweet natured, very vocal and happy, smiling  and laughing most of the time. she is also so curious about anything and everything, which I love and hope that she continues to be as she gets older.

The temper tantrums are increasing but there not unmanageable and all children go through this stage surely… forget terrible two it definitely starts at one.

She’s always been very forward, hitting her milestones early or on time. Her social skills are developing really well too, she plays well with her cousins and loves interacting with adults, but she quite happily plays by herself too which is a god send when I need to crack on with the housework or meal times and since she only naps once or twice a day now it’s just not physically possible to get everything done during those naps (well for me anyway  .. thumbs up to those super mums out there who do it.)

Overall I can happily say that she is coming along leaps and bounds in all areas and I’m very lucky and proud that I get to be this little girl mummy, she really is a joy and the apple of my eye.


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