Pre baby dreams- the artist

Before the arrival of Moonpie there was only one true love of my life – Art, it was my absolute passion and the only thing I was remotely good at.

I ate, slept and breathed it, not just making it but looking at other artists work, talking about it with others ect. I went to unversity and studied Animation in the hopes of becoming and animator or background artist but unfortunately it’s an extremely hard business to break through in and after a year and a half of rejection I put that dream on the back burner and took a job in a super market.

However I decided to continue to create my artwork and started a small business on the side – Megan Kate Art, it was relatively successful and I sold my work on seveal sites. 

But in 2013 my depression reared it’s ugly head, I left my job and stopped all together with my art for a time. 

Eventually i was encouraged to take it up again , it was the only thing that made me truly happy, no matter what was going on I could put all my energy into my work and create pieces I was really proud of. So in 2014 I decided to focus everything I had into making Megan Kate Art a big success.

Then the huge surprise of Moonpie happened… I carried on throughout my pregnancy but once she arrived there was just no time and I was too exhausted.

The dream is now to pick it back up once Moonpie is older but  only part time, I still want to be an artist but art isn’t the only love I have anymore, being a mum will always come first, my little girl is my main true love now 


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