The nightmare of teething 

I’m at my wits end this morning, another tooth is emerging so we have an extremely irritable Moonpie. Nothing I have done has been right so far today and has been received with screaming and biting (me and herself) … it’s driving me nuts ! !

I absolutely dread when she has another tooth break through, especially if it’s a top tooth, they seem to be the worst. I’ve tried everything calpol, nurofen, teething gel, powder, rings … you get the idea. But nothing really works fantastically apart from the teething powder but it’s a little pricey and I’m on a very tight budget.

Luckily she’s not waking up at night because of it (yet) so we are getting our sleep but during the day she’s having spells of constant crying and screaming, it was so bad this morning that after I put her down for a nap I knocked next door and apologised for the noise (she’d been on and off since 6 ) luckily they were very understanding but I still felt awful that they were disturb by us.

The sooner teething is over and done with the better, it’s just miserable for both of us 


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