The ups and downs of being a single mum 

Ok so technically I’m not a single mum anymore but i still feel that I am due to me and the other half not living together and him working alot.

But for the first four months it was just me and I had to do it all, the dreaded night time feeds, the countless nappy changes and dealing with the boredom of not knowing what to do with myself when she was asleep since there was no one else around to interact with.

It was very lonely at times, people would visit but that was very few and far between. It was also extremely tiring, most days I didn’t feel human and just went through the motions. But it was also so rewarding once Moonpie started developing and hitting her milestones, like the first time she smiled.

 It was just me and her sitting in the front room around 6.30 in the morning on new years day, I was feeling so down, tired and almost in tears when I noticed her stiring, bottle in hand I leaned over her carry cot smiling, she looked back at me and gave me the most beautiful little smile. my heart could of bursted, her first smile and it was just for me.

It was so rewarding whenever she would hit a new milestone, I felt proud because I knew she was thriving and developing well and that was down to me. I also feel like we have a very strong bond because of the time we had together just us.

However there is nothing better then seeing her with her dad, they both dote on each other so much and I’m so happy that he’s taken a much more active role in her life in the last few months and thats happen regardless of us being in a relationship and will continue to whatever happens between us. I’m a firm believer of children having both parents in their life whether there together or not.


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