The 1st birthday party nightmare 

Highly strung mum 

From an early age my family have always referred to me as the “highly-strung” one, So i’m nowhere near the right person to organise a birthday party..

We had decided to throw a softplay party for Moonpies first birthday and it wasn’t even a proper party really but i still stressed myself out to the point of a panic attack (ridiculous I know.)

The vision

I just had a vision of what her birthday would be … a fun day out at a soft play centre with close family and friends and then down to her grandparents house to spend time with everyone, open presents and then sing happy birthday while she blew out the candle on a homemade personalised cake.

The reality 

Of course its turn out completely different, (much to my dismay ) last night while looking up prices for the softplay we had intended to use, I discovered that it was not open to the public on a Saturday! ! So I went into complete panic mode frantically messaging the other half and sister in law trying to figure out what to do … I picked another softplay I liked the look of from a list my sister in law sent me and quickly change the venue thinking nothing else cold go wrong… Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, we’re  on our way to the venue when we receive a phone call from one of the guests who arrived early, there was an hour wait to get in and they were turning people away at the door ! My stress levels went from a 4 to 10 and I started to panic. We quickly decided that we had no other option but to go to the pub my brother works at earlier then we had planned  as they were holding an event with jungle animals (monkeys ect.) 

But as my mum used to say everything happens in threes …. the animals didn’t turn up.

The end result

So in the the end we spent the afternoon in the pubs side room with all the kids running wild, the mum’s wanting to pull their hair out and the dad’s conveniently realising the rugby was on and crowding together at the bar… 

But do you know what?  in the end it didn’t matter, Moonpie had no idea what was going on at all, but she was happy and enjoyed all the attention, everyone that came mattered and that was enough for me.

Tomorrow is the actual big day and we will be at her grandparents having a quiet day with family and cake…

The morals of the story are : always plan far ahead, keep things simple and always expect the unexpected.


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