The child comparison rant

So you’re sitting down having the standard baby chat with a friend/family member, kids playing quite happily in the background and then it happens…

“Is she walking yet?” “no not yet” ” oh isnt she almost one ? Mine was up and running about by 10 months.” the dreaded comparison which makes you wonder why your little one hasn’t yet and is there anything wrong, are you not encouraging them enough ect..

We’ve all had it done to us and we are all guilty of doing it, whether we are aware of it or not. But it’s the people who intentionally compare children and in a negative way that drives me insane.

Every child is different and we should celebrate that instead of putting pressure on them and ourselves to conform to people’s expectations, so what if my Moonpie is a year old and isn’t walking yet!? She will when she’s good and ready, I’m not going push her to ether… it’s one thing encouraging and practicing certain skills when she wants to as well, but I will not force her to overpractice when she’s clearly had enough just because of other peoples unrealistic standards and negative outlook.

I want to enjoy our time together and not ruin it with needless pressure from ridiculous expectations  and what is considered the “norm.”

I mean when does it stop ?? we do it from the time they are born right up until they are adults, so in a way from the get go we are setting them up to fail if we carry on comparing our children and putting these ridiculous pressures and over the top high standards on them.

Moonpie is who she is and will do things at her own pace and I wouldn’t wanr her to be any other way. 


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