Happy 1st Birthday Moonpie 

The big day is coming to an end and my Moonpie is no longer a baby anymore, she’s on her way to being a toddler….

I can honestly say I have very mixed emotions about it all, I love watching her grow from that tiny baby into a cheeky little madam but it’s just so fast, I feel like I’m going to blink and bam! She’s 18 and moving out.

I only plan on having one child (there’s no way I could cope with more than one and the mum’s that do … well your superheroes) so I just want time to stand still a little and really enjoy our time together since I’m only going to do all of this once.

The day was a quiet, we had my dad come up to see Moonpie in the morning and open presents and my aunt in the afternoon … we don’t have much contact with my family since my mum past away, we go months without seeing or even speaking to each other. It’s hard and upsetting but that’s life unfortunately. 

In the evening we popped over to the other half’s parents house to open more presents and do the birthday cake. It was a full house, Moonpie’s aunts, uncle and cousins were all there too and it does get quite manic at times with all the kids together, but Moonpie absolutely adores the boys and they adore her too.

To top off a week of birthday fails, when it came to the cake we had to use a 2 candle and I had to relight it as it went out while waiting for everyone to get ready.

Overall this 1st birthday has been eventful to say the least but we got through it and she had a wonderful time 

Happy 1st Birthday Moonpie, we love you to the moon and back.


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