Baby boxes -sentimental drivel ? ?

I could literally thump the other half sometimes with the stuff he says …

this evening I was putting a bag together of baby clothes for his sister who is expecting a little girl in may, as we were talking the subject went on to keeping certain outfits for Moonpies baby box and he just outright laughed at me and called the box sentimental crap and then compared me to the mother on the TV show The Goldbergs, who keeps her child’s baby blankets and sniffs them in a cupboard.

It really upset me, not being  compared to beverly goldberg  (she’s brilliant and there’s no way in hell you would find me a cupboard sniffing blankets) but how he made me feel so stupid for keeping a baby box for luna when she’s older, it was something my mum did for all of us for when we were older and if we had children of are own.

It contained the outfit we came home in, our first blanket and few other bits and pieces. I personally love this idea/tradition it’s like a little bit of family history carried on, so yes I have started one for her and no its not filled with every outfit she’s worn or crap. would love to hear others opinions on the subject.


3 thoughts on “Baby boxes -sentimental drivel ? ?

  1. Ignore him I have a baby box for both boys. I’m sure my mum did for us, thou she chucked out everything I had ever owned when I moved out. I love the Goldbergs, just started watching it I need to binge watch 🙂

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