The aggressive  Moonpie 

Ive talked about moonpies tantrums before but the aggression she is showing lately is just another level…

She’s extremely frustrated with wanting to walk but not being quite ready yet along with teething quite badly at the moment, but it’s no fun for me ether to keep getting whacked in the face and bitten.

She knows it’s not ok you can tell by the face she pulls afterwards, her bottom lip wobbles as if you’ve smacked her. But if I tell her off, I get shouted at and then whacked again. I’m at a loss with what to do with her..

She’s too young for time out, firmly telling her no and then ignoring her is very hit and miss and I do not believe in smacking .. a tap on the hand is probably the most I could do, each to there own but I don’t think using negative behaviour to correct negative behaviour works, your just sending mixed messages.

Maybe once she’s up and moving she won’t be as frustrated and I’ll get my sweet moonpie back full time, but I think I’m slightly kidding myself… terrible twos ?? more like Awful ones.


One thought on “The aggressive  Moonpie 

  1. I really hope it eases for you soon. It must be so frustrating for the little ones by being able to do what they want to do. Completely agree with your methods of dealing with it. If she were to see you being aggressive back it would only reinforce her behaviour im sure. I could never smack my child either. He is at the phase where he has learnt to pinch me while he’s feeding and when I say ‘no’ he giggles. He hasn’t got a bloody clue what’s going on, so for now I’ll live with bruised arms 😂


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