Worn out mum 

Being a mum is a thankless tiring job anyway, but when your little one hasn’t been sleeping at all, everything is just 100x more stressful….

I was worn out and feeling extremely emotional  (this time of is so tough for a number of reasons) I felt like I was being so short with everyone including my other half and it wasn’t fair.

I just had no idea what to do with her. I tried everything juice, milk, comforting her, bringing her into my bed, sleeping on the floor in her room and nothing worked.

 On the worst night she was getting up every half hour and not just crying but screaming at the top of her lungs. my poor neighbours have probably had a little sleep as we had and it wasn’t even just the Night-Time that she wasn’t sleeping the daytime naps so became non-existent.

 I was literally at  breaking point and with the other half staying at his the whole week due to working and needing his sleep, I felt so alone and emotional.

I just didn’t understand what I was doing wrong she has always been brilliant when it comes to bed time ill or teething but neither of these were the case.

Just when I was out of ideas the answer soon revealed itself. The bottom of my daughter’s travel cot ( we live in temporary accommodation and all our furniture is in storage and not accessible until we move into our permanent home so we have had to make do) was damaged meaning that the slats moving freely making it extremely uncomfortable to sleep on I felt so guilty for not realising sooner, thankfully I was recently given an actual cot with a proper mattress.

Since moonpie’s has been in her new bed, (two nights now) i can happily report that she’s only woken up once during the night and we are both finally getting a decent night’s sleep we deserve.


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