Not mum material 

“You’re not quite mother material” or “you don’t have that maternal instinct” was something I was told a few times before I fell pregnant with moonpie by people and my own mum, and at the time they were probably right ..

Even when I was pregnant there was alot of talk about how I wouldn’t cope and it was the wrong choice to have her from people who i thought were supportive and from people who didnt even really know me and that hurt alot. I felt like people were writing me off as a bad mum before I had been even given a chance to be one, all because of the bad year I had before, I had separated from my husband who I had been with since I was 19 and even though it was my decision it was still extremely tough transition for me, my mental health was not great at the time so yes I went off the rails abit, but people would rather gossip and slate you than actually try and help.

Throughout my pregnancy I felt very alone and judged because no one was interested in the changes I was making, just the past.

In the first few weeks of having moonpie, I was still being judged by people. I was struggling with bonding her, being very unwell and having post natal depression. I felt like maybe it was true, I wasn’t mum material and I was doing a terrible job because I wasn’t a natural.

Thank god for those few close friends and family members during that time because I don’t know where we would be right now, so no maybe I’m not a natural at being a mum in people’s eyes,  but a year on and my daughter is thriving, so loved, happy and healthy. … what more could you want for a child.

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5 thoughts on “Not mum material 

  1. So sorry to hear that friends and family were like this with you. I aso suffered a horrid divorce so I know how tough that can be. To have people question your ability to mother on top of that must have been awful. It sounds like you’re an amazing mum though. Well done you. #postsfromtheheart

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  2. Sending so much love. You sound, from what I have read, to be an incredible mummy. Nine years into mummyhood I have come to the conclusion that none of us really know what we’re doing, instead we wing it, one day at a time, making it up as we go along. I think you are totally right, if our children are thriving, loved and happy we really can’t be getting it that wrong. Thank you so much for linking this post up to #PostsFromTheHeart I’m sure lots of mums with relate to it x

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have that support. You can’t right off someone before they’ve even done something. I’m so glad your moonpie and you are happy!



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