An entertained child and a tidy home

Long gone are the days when I could pop moonpie in her swing or on the playmat and get on with the chores while she was happily entertained for a while, Now its a whole different ballgame.

From 8am to 7pm, it’s one big playtime and I have to say I really love it because she is now interested in playing with toys properly. she is quite content to play by herself and happy when mummy joins in with the bricks, music and Storytime too.

This does mean that at times (much to the annoyance of the other half ) that the upkeep of the flat has slipped every now and again. 

“When can’t you tidy as you go along it’s nor that hard” and “this flat is so small how can it get so messy” I love him but god I could kill him when he starts about the house and I would like to so swap places for a week and see him handle it all.

I’m not spending time cleaning when It can be spent with luna … why should she sit bored In her cot for an hour because mummy needs to clean the kitchen? No its not fair on her.

so instead of having some me time while moonpie naps, I’m doing chores and trying to keep on top of it … even the half an hour before bedtime I’m multi tasking trying to get my one year old ready for bed and entertained while at the same time hoovering and tidying up her room ready for her to destroy all over again the next day, and even once she’s in bed I’m staight in the kitchen and our bedroom cleaning and tidying and this is everyday now.

Where is the me time! When did my life become this endless cycle. 

I feel like it’s punishment for me being such a messy child, teenager and young adult and I know my mum is probably cracking up up there and saying “payback it’s a b***h isn’t it meggie.”

It’s knackering, but if it means a tidy home, an entertained toddler and a happy boyfriend who’s not nagging then I will just keep doing it.


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