Mummy’s day off

Yesterday I got that rare experience of a child free day, the other half had the day off and was happy enough to watch moonpie while I went out. As much as I love our trips out together, it was really nice and relaxing to switch out of mummy mode and just be Meg for a few hours.

 To be able to sit in starbucks and actually enjoy my frappuccino and shortbread in peace, have a good wander around the shops and sit down and have a good catch up with a few friends was a lovely change. I even had time to get a bit of pampering done, something that never happens if moonpie is with me as she gets bored quickly.

I was getting updates and pictures from the other half that they were having a great time and she was fine, which made me feel less guilty for going out on my own.

First of many updates photos

When i came home, it was all smiles and back into mummy mode for me with Moonpie’s dinner, pj’s on, nappy  changes, half hour of us all watching the hobbit and then bottle and bed time for our little monster.

We also got the rare treat of just us (me and the other half ) time, he cooked dinner for us, we watched junk tv, chatted and just enjoyed eachothers company for once …. overall a good day for us all.


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