A developing Moonpie 

In the last couple of weeks moonpie has has had a massive leap in all areas, she definitely isn’t a baby anymore. ..


Moonpie is much braver when it comes to standing and taking steps on her own, she’s quite sneaky and normally takes a few steps when she thinks no one is looking. It definitely won’t be much longer until she’s off and walking everywhere. 


She has developed a sweet but very cheeky personality, Im ether showered with kisses and cuddles or having a dummy put in my mouth If I’m telling her no. She’s extremely strong willed and very stubborn  (she was never going to be a push over with parents like myself anf the other half.)


Moonpie has now learnt how certain toys work and how to properly interact with them. She developed favourites, her activity table, a few vtech teddies and her elephant ball maze.

The way she interacts with people and other children  (especially younger than her) has come on leaps and bounds, she’s becoming quite the social butterfly.


Her speech is coming along she’s learning what a good few words mean and her vocabulary is slowly growing. She is extremely vocal so I think with in the coming months her speech will really take off.

Overall i’m very proud of how she is coming along.



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