No place like home.

It’s strange to think this time last year I was sofa surfing with a two month old , we had been evicted from our home but to be honest even before the eviction went through we had had to crush at friends and families house for a few days at a time due to my rather nasty landlord who had been letting himself into the property and harassing me since I was around 5 months pregnant.

It was a scary time, a single mum with a new born baby, no home and no idea where the council was going to place us, at worst we could be placed in a room in shared accommodation and at best we could be placed in a  flat. But I wouldn’t know where until the day.I was told to turn up at the council on the 19th January  and wait until I was called over and told where we were going. 

The night before I didn’t sleep, and the morning was just awful … we were running late due to moonpie deciding to go through her clothes 10 minutes before we had to get the bus. The front wheel of the pram fell off and I didn’t realise till I stopped to cross the road but I didn’t have time to retrace my steps.

We finally got there and by then I was certain we were going to end up in the worst case scenario, we waited for 10 minutes then we’re called into an interview room.  “I have to say you are very lucky, we’ve found you a one bedroom flat.” And with that I sobbed and even more so when I was walking back and bumped into two lovely people who found my front wheel.

This time last year

So here we are exactly a year later snuggled up in my bed watching tiny pop in our home.

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5 thoughts on “No place like home.

  1. It sounds as though the two of you had a really good start. I was a single mum for a long time with Number One, and it’s hard when it’s just you trying to keep everything together. I’m so glad you found a way through and got the help you needed. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us at #PostsFromTheHeart


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