F is for family 

Growing up I was part of a large family being one of four siblings and one of 20 something first cousins, there was no shortage of playmates.

The same can’t be said for Moonpie unfortunately, as the years have passed contact with my family has dwindled considerably and after my mum passed it completely stopped save a couple for various reasons, it’s upsetting but that’s how life goes sometimes.

Right now moonpie is too young to understand what family is and that my side aren’t apart of her life but I know one day she might start to ask questions and want to know about them. It’s not all doom and gloom though, the other halves family play a very active roll in her life.

Her grandparents dote on her, she adores her three cousins (she instantly laughs and smiles when she sees any of them) , we have weekly playdates at her aunt kris’ and moonpie and her cousin max are just two cheeky peas in a pod.

She also has a lovely relationship with her little cousin lottie on my side, we call them the twins because the likeness between them is uncanny and they both have big personalities 

Maybe as time goes on more of my family will take on a bigger roll in her life but if not she has people who love her around her, I can’t ask for much more.



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