Moonpie’s book corner – Little Lost Dragon 

So this week for book corner we’ve chosen Little Lost Dragon to review. I bought this book as a gift for Moonpies first birthday, I absolutely love anything to do with dragons or unicorns (hence why luna has a huge collection of plush unicorns and dragons) so I thought it would be one we would both enjoy.

Little Lost Dragon 

The tells the story of a baby dragon and his journey to find his family,  home and who he really is. Throughout his journey he comes across many different creatures and travels through oceans, jungle, swamps and the icy tundras.

The book is beautifully illustrated, however it’s not quite as brightly coloured as some children’s books we’ve come across. It’s a short story but quite wordy at times, moonpie did lose interest half way through  so I think it would be better suited for older children  (3 -7.)

Overall Little Lost Dragon is a lovely story with beautiful artwork and short so perfect for a bedtime story. But it’s definitely a book for older children.


Three out five moons from us.


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