Update : Moonpie walks !!!

we are taking part in the little leaps linky which is all about celebrating all things developmental.

So this week we hit a big milestone, moonpie finally took the leap and is walking around!! She’s still quite wobbly but she’s mastering walking across the room and is so proud of herself and loves showing off her new skills to her daddy.

There’s just no stopping her now, she’s a fully fledged little person, I’ve blinked and my baby’s gone, I’m so blessed to be her mummy, yes it’s such hard work but the rewards are just overwhelming.

In typical moonpie style she won’t be satisfied until her new skill is mastered completely,  then it will be on to the next one.

Real Mum Reviews


A developing Moonpie 

In the last couple of weeks moonpie has has had a massive leap in all areas, she definitely isn’t a baby anymore. ..


Moonpie is much braver when it comes to standing and taking steps on her own, she’s quite sneaky and normally takes a few steps when she thinks no one is looking. It definitely won’t be much longer until she’s off and walking everywhere. 


She has developed a sweet but very cheeky personality, Im ether showered with kisses and cuddles or having a dummy put in my mouth If I’m telling her no. She’s extremely strong willed and very stubborn  (she was never going to be a push over with parents like myself anf the other half.)


Moonpie has now learnt how certain toys work and how to properly interact with them. She developed favourites, her activity table, a few vtech teddies and her elephant ball maze.

The way she interacts with people and other children  (especially younger than her) has come on leaps and bounds, she’s becoming quite the social butterfly.


Her speech is coming along she’s learning what a good few words mean and her vocabulary is slowly growing. She is extremely vocal so I think with in the coming months her speech will really take off.

Overall i’m very proud of how she is coming along.



Mummy’s day off

Yesterday I got that rare experience of a child free day, the other half had the day off and was happy enough to watch moonpie while I went out. As much as I love our trips out together, it was really nice and relaxing to switch out of mummy mode and just be Meg for a few hours.

 To be able to sit in starbucks and actually enjoy my frappuccino and shortbread in peace, have a good wander around the shops and sit down and have a good catch up with a few friends was a lovely change. I even had time to get a bit of pampering done, something that never happens if moonpie is with me as she gets bored quickly.

I was getting updates and pictures from the other half that they were having a great time and she was fine, which made me feel less guilty for going out on my own.

First of many updates photos

When i came home, it was all smiles and back into mummy mode for me with Moonpie’s dinner, pj’s on, nappy  changes, half hour of us all watching the hobbit and then bottle and bed time for our little monster.

We also got the rare treat of just us (me and the other half ) time, he cooked dinner for us, we watched junk tv, chatted and just enjoyed eachothers company for once …. overall a good day for us all.


Worn out mum 

Being a mum is a thankless tiring job anyway, but when your little one hasn’t been sleeping at all, everything is just 100x more stressful….

I was worn out and feeling extremely emotional  (this time of is so tough for a number of reasons) I felt like I was being so short with everyone including my other half and it wasn’t fair.

I just had no idea what to do with her. I tried everything juice, milk, comforting her, bringing her into my bed, sleeping on the floor in her room and nothing worked.

 On the worst night she was getting up every half hour and not just crying but screaming at the top of her lungs. my poor neighbours have probably had a little sleep as we had and it wasn’t even just the Night-Time that she wasn’t sleeping the daytime naps so became non-existent.

 I was literally at  breaking point and with the other half staying at his the whole week due to working and needing his sleep, I felt so alone and emotional.

I just didn’t understand what I was doing wrong she has always been brilliant when it comes to bed time ill or teething but neither of these were the case.

Just when I was out of ideas the answer soon revealed itself. The bottom of my daughter’s travel cot ( we live in temporary accommodation and all our furniture is in storage and not accessible until we move into our permanent home so we have had to make do) was damaged meaning that the slats moving freely making it extremely uncomfortable to sleep on I felt so guilty for not realising sooner, thankfully I was recently given an actual cot with a proper mattress.

Since moonpie’s has been in her new bed, (two nights now) i can happily report that she’s only woken up once during the night and we are both finally getting a decent night’s sleep we deserve.


The aggressive  Moonpie 

Ive talked about moonpies tantrums before but the aggression she is showing lately is just another level…

She’s extremely frustrated with wanting to walk but not being quite ready yet along with teething quite badly at the moment, but it’s no fun for me ether to keep getting whacked in the face and bitten.

She knows it’s not ok you can tell by the face she pulls afterwards, her bottom lip wobbles as if you’ve smacked her. But if I tell her off, I get shouted at and then whacked again. I’m at a loss with what to do with her..

She’s too young for time out, firmly telling her no and then ignoring her is very hit and miss and I do not believe in smacking .. a tap on the hand is probably the most I could do, each to there own but I don’t think using negative behaviour to correct negative behaviour works, your just sending mixed messages.

Maybe once she’s up and moving she won’t be as frustrated and I’ll get my sweet moonpie back full time, but I think I’m slightly kidding myself… terrible twos ?? more like Awful ones.


Let them be messy 

Children are naturally messy creatures, you have them looking absolutely pristine and gorgeous at the start of the day, only to have them looking like they’ve been dragged through a bush backwards not even 10 minutes later…

When moonpie was first born I was one of those new mums who’s baby had to look well kept at all times, which is quite easy when they don’t move around unless of course you have the misfortune of an explosive nappy incident… But now shes crawling, feeding herself and just getting into everything I have officially given up, I just do not see the point anymore.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t let her go around absolutely filthy, It’s just pointless to change her clothes four times a day because she’s spills a little juice down her top or shes got a bit of sauce on her trousers …. why on earth make more washing for yourself by keep changing your child when they are just going to keep getting messy.

 it’s only going to get worse as she gets older so I going to embrace the messyness (within reason) instead of fightinformation the losing battle.

So what’s everyone elses view? let them be messy or keep them as pristine as possible ? 


Happy 1st Birthday Moonpie 

The big day is coming to an end and my Moonpie is no longer a baby anymore, she’s on her way to being a toddler….

I can honestly say I have very mixed emotions about it all, I love watching her grow from that tiny baby into a cheeky little madam but it’s just so fast, I feel like I’m going to blink and bam! She’s 18 and moving out.

I only plan on having one child (there’s no way I could cope with more than one and the mum’s that do … well your superheroes) so I just want time to stand still a little and really enjoy our time together since I’m only going to do all of this once.

The day was a quiet, we had my dad come up to see Moonpie in the morning and open presents and my aunt in the afternoon … we don’t have much contact with my family since my mum past away, we go months without seeing or even speaking to each other. It’s hard and upsetting but that’s life unfortunately. 

In the evening we popped over to the other half’s parents house to open more presents and do the birthday cake. It was a full house, Moonpie’s aunts, uncle and cousins were all there too and it does get quite manic at times with all the kids together, but Moonpie absolutely adores the boys and they adore her too.

To top off a week of birthday fails, when it came to the cake we had to use a 2 candle and I had to relight it as it went out while waiting for everyone to get ready.

Overall this 1st birthday has been eventful to say the least but we got through it and she had a wonderful time 

Happy 1st Birthday Moonpie, we love you to the moon and back.